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Elizabeth Anne Mall [ EAM ] releases new EP, L'Amour

Elizabeth Anne Mall, singer-songwriter from Morganville, Kansas, graduate of Clay Center Community High School, and College of the Ozarks graduate in Music Ministry, has been working with Los Angeles producer Rob Chiarelli on his Street Lamp Records label while living in northern California. Dec. 8 her 3rd album "L'amour" with the label was released on all digital music sources.

In her EP “L’amour” Elizabeth Anne Mall delivers a new batch of heartfelt songs with her trademark simplicity and sincerity.  She shines with vulnerable vocals and cello lines on ballads “All I Can Say” and “Carry You.” “Welcome Home” showcases a lesser seen upbeat side of Mall, while “Messy Love” is a surprising moody pop song which delivers a haunting-but hopeful-message about working through the difficulties of love.  “L’amour"  means love.  And this collection of songs is all about love in its many different forms.  "This EP honors so many different relationships I’ve had, the good and the bad, and everything in between.”

Street Lamp Records has been marketing her original songs for three years, and has placed one from her 3rd album "Vivre" with the Swedish company Tetra Pak. Tetra Pak has factories in many countries and manufactures containers for foods.  The song chosen by Tetra Pak is "A Little Hope," and it fits the company's products, which are used to contain foods and drinks in areas where food storage is difficult.  

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Elizabeth Anne Mall is also starting a Masters Degree program at Biola University in Christian Apologetics. She was awarded a scholarship, based on an essay written about her using original music to address the issue of why God allows evil in the world. A link to her application was song "The Eye of the Storm," written for a College of the Ozarks senior project CD entitled "A Beautiful War."  It's subtitle is "Haley's Song," because it was a tribute to a young girl who was murdered in Springfield, Missouri, during that time period.  

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VIVRE. /vərb/ to live. to be alive

From Old French vivre, from Latin vivere, present active infinitive of vivo.
  1. Take Me Away
  2. You Make Me Happy
  3. A Little Hope
  4. Let Me In
  5. Selfless
  6. Heroes
In her sophomore project, Elizabeth Anne Mall returns to her roots as a classically trained cellist and pianist, while holding true to her pop sensibilities. Ballads like "A Little Hope", "Let Me In" and "Heroes" showcase Mall's vulnerable voice as she delivers lyrics of love, loss and hope, while "You Make Me Happy" shows her versatility in a more upbeat, indie/pop setting. The opening track “Take Me Away” is a poetic ballad with a quiet energy that characterizes the whole EP.

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