DUCKTAILS; a children's musical drama based on the book by JANETTE OKE;
adapted and set to music and lyrics by

Scripts for the musical, which can be presented with either live singers or puppets, cost  $10/script plus postage/handling. There is no additional royalty or upfront payment required.

Music Scores and Instrumental Parts, which can be used with the musical or as stand-alone works, are scored for voices, rehearsal piano, violins, b-flat clarinet, celli and percussion, and cost $75.00/set plus postage/handling. The scores are available by June 4, and the instrumental part sets will be available by August l, 2012. Purchase of a set entitles the purchasers to make additional copies for their own use, but not to resell or donate the scores or parts to third parties. The songs are short, to appeal to child audiences, but have lyrics which appeal to all ages. The seven titles and performance lengths are:

"Life"(l min., 7 sec.)
"We're Family" (l min., 35 sec.)
"Mama's Boy" (2 min., 50 sec.)
"The Place Where You Should Be" (l min., 39 sec.)
"What's Falling Down?" (3 min., 41 sec.)
"With Me" (2 min., 13 sec.)
"Little Eggs" (2 min., 32 sec.)

CD's of the recorded script with actors singers (but not chamber orchestra), are available at a nominal fee.

DVD's of the premiere performance, done as a puppet show, may be available in the future.

For more information, contact Dr. Anne Clark at 785-926-4725 or Payments must be sent in advance to Dr. Clark, made out to her,  at 454 23rd Rd., Morganville, KS 67468-9117.



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